About Us

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Our Approach

No stories.

No gyaan.

We respect your Dreams

We believe in simplicity .And we believe in very simple equations of life.

Disciplined Savings +Luck +Right Advise =Your Financial Goals

Given: Right Advise =MySipGuru

Financial Goals = Your Dreams


Disciplined Savings+Luck+MySipGuru =Your Dreams

Our Story

MySipGuru is a specialist Private Wealth Management Firm set up by entrepreneurs having background of managing corporate finance  to provide a professional platform of Private Wealth Management services.

At MySipGuru, we assume the role of “Financial Advisors” to the Client whereby they advise Clients on  aximizing after-tax investment return while developing investment Solutions appropriate to your risk tolerance, rendering personalized services and adding value to your all investments by providing cutting-edge technology features.


Meet the Team

The pedigree of the team at MySipGuru is the combination of Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Chartered Accountants (CA) and MBA’s.

Next Steps...

We cant see you worrying about your investment plans amidst the risk of so many ponzy schemes, Mutual fund hi sahi hai, risk hai lekin return bhi hai