Conventional investment methods, Opportunity costs and Risk associated


investing in gold has been used as a hedge against inflation. That thinking still holds, though worries over inflation might be better understood as a fear of the loss of purchasing power or that "the money we currently have today will decline in value,"

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit is secure but it does not earn any money on your invested amount. Low post tax returns ,Lack of liquidity , No investment flexibility , TDS on return and Withdrawal penalty makes it a poor investment choice.

Chit Fund

Chit funds are very loosely regulated.Many are even illegal. There are many schemes running all over our country , Keeping in the mind the tainted scam history of chit funds, We all should stay away from these schemes.


There are three factors which should drive the decision to buy a house as an investment -

  1. The amount of EMI which needs to be paid every month. (I suggest you to buy a house on home loan).
  2. The amount which will be received as rent for the house.
  3. The expected appreciation in the value of house at the end of termination of loan.

The idea is to follow following logic -

Loan Amount < Total rent received + Appreciation in value of house 

While if we see the logic in today's scenario it is really in a bad phase

Lending a loan

You know all about it, You know when borrowers return the money lent to them

Whats better

Ponder over all the investments you been doing over the years, analyze the return and then you compare it with MySipGuru recommendations

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